Opening Roof Patio

Welcome to our showroom here in Hayward, Ca. We specialize in creating beautiful sunrooms, patio coverings, and outdoor spaces of all types.
Outdoor spaces are important areas of our homes that can be enhanced to improve your well-being and lifestyle. Turn them into relaxing areas which can be used all year round. Each having high-resistance designs which are customized to fit your home or commercial building.
Today our certified expert patio cover builders are installing a new product of ours called the Pergo Roof these are also known as retractable awnings
Pergo Roofs are italian made aluminum pergola products with a modern and clean design. they are sun, wind and water resistan t thanks to their particular drainage system that channels the water into the self-supporting and long-lasting pillars (the average life span is 18-20 years with no maintenance needed).
The sliding aluminum pergola has a steady and elegant non-oxidizable aluminum frame, resistant to salt oxidation, and a special covering fabric called OpaTex, available in many colors.
Want to add additional side screens to block wind and bugs? Our Fully Functional motorized or hand cranked Lateral Enclosures can be easily added to the pergo roof. These lateral enclosures offer better protection than any other sun tent, while still keeping a practical motorized opening system. Our Pergo Roof can be paired with Lateral Enclosures between posts which create a comfortable setting, ideal for every kind of weather condition.
Crystal-Tex lateral enclosures are Lateral Panels which can be fixed, removable or sliding. They are a blend of modern style and practicality. Crystal-tex Lateral Enclosures are made of an aluminum frame covered up by a transparent PVC covering, pairing comfort to elegance. They are simple to install and to use since sliding guides are not needed and can be paired with vertical enclosures to create a room like feel sealed off from the elements of nature.
Crystal-Tex enclosures are independent from the upper covering and aren’t a permanent structure. It is possible to choose which parts to open and close based on one’s need and they can be removed.
Ideal to create a comfortable and protected environment from atmospheric agents. Perfect to protect gardens and verandas.

Our systems our Ideal for hotel and restaurant verandas, private terraces, back yard patio’s or babeque areas. The options are endless for commercial or residential areas. Perfect for sea areas characterized by heavy rains and/or strong winds and they can be designed and built with or without posts. The aluminum frame, together with the stainless steel hardware, make the pergo roof sliding pergola the ideal product for sea areas with no maintenance needed. Perfect for business such as cafés, hotels and restaurants.
Our retractable pergola is the best product for hot and sunlit areas. You can say goodbye to hot bare feet on those open patios! Pergo Roofs offers excelent UV protection and create a cool functional and versitile space for your home in the shade.

Thank you for watching our short video on Pergo Roof Retractable pergolas. If you are interested in this product or any of our other products feel free to contact us at the number below and schedule an appointment for a free patio cover or sunroom consultation. Our Showroom is located at 22500 foothill blvd in hayward ca. And on behalf of patio covers galore and value builders we wish you a beautiful day.